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Week/dates Schedule

Week 1 Tu 08/25  



Th 08/27

In class: Introductions, icebreakers, syllabus, assignments, course overview. Homework for first class.

Introducing key terms: rhetorical situation, argument, claims, evidence, appeals,
strategies, qualifiers, rebuttals. Apply to short texts (Snape and Kristof).
Quiz on key terms and pages 4-14 RWEA (Reading, Writing, and Evaluating Argument)

Read pp. 4-14 of RWEA (Reading, Writing, and Evaluating Argument), and Snape
and Kristof.  Do homework exercises.
Homework for 08/27.

Week 2 Tu 09/01            






Th 09/03

Applying concepts continued. Types of argument, claims, and evidence. Ethos & pathos.

pp. 14-19, 22-23 of RWEA; Kristof ("Animal Cruelty or the Price of Dinner?"; Rifkin, "A Change of Heart about Animals," Smith-Holt, “I Had to Bury my 26-Year Old Son.” (Watch the 4 minute video, "We Buy Insulin or We Die" for background information on Smith-Holt)
Homework for 09/01 


Mapping moves, charting choices. Analyzing what texts “do” as well as “say.” How stories persuade.
pages 26 - 35 of RWEA; May's “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”  
Homework for 09/03


Week 3 Tu 09/08   



Th 09/10  

Positioning, performance, and persuasion. Mapping arguments about the 2020 protests. Groups present on one of the 4 texts

Read Killer Mike speech (and video) President Bush, President Obama, Renkl

Homework for 09/08  


Discussing and analyzing Stevenson’s “We Need to Talk about an Injustice” Watch video of  Stevenson’s talk. 
Read transcript of Stevenson talk, make notes using Hypothesis.
Homework for 09/10

Week 4 Tu 09/15      





Th 09/17  

Writing about claims, evidence, and strategies.

Read They Say/I Say sections on "The Art of Summarizing" and "The Art of Quoting," and
RWEA pp. 44-50. 
Homework for 09/15: compose introduction and two paragraphs.


Introductions and metadiscourse. Building body sections.
Read handouts on introductions and body sections, and RWEA pp. 66-68.
Homework for 09/17: develop introduction and body paragraphs. Draft conclusion.


Week 5 Tu 09/22  



  Th 09/24    

Paper 1 draft due Drafting and peer review workshops
Homework for 09/22: share your draft with two peers (Google Docs)


Conferences with instructor
Homework for 09/24 post revision plan to Google drive


Week 6 Tu 09/29  


Th 10/01  

Conferences with instructor Revision plan

Paper 1 final and brief reflection due

Homework for 10/01 

Week 7 Tu 10/06        




Th 10/08  

Introduction to unit 2: word choice, metaphor, strategies, and appeals.

Read RWEA pp. 39-46, 60-75 and short texts (Miller, Shieh, Crichton)
Homework for 10/06: examine strategies and appeals in short texts.

Evaluating arguments: assumptions, implications, strengths and weaknesses.
Discuss Landrieu’s main claims; consider points of connection and contrast between Landrieu and the other short texts.

Read RWEA pp. 76-94, and short texts (Kuznar, Landrieu).

Homework for 10/08: examine assumptions, implications, strengths and weaknesses in short

Week 8 Tu 10/13        




Th 10/15  

Discussing and analyzing Hannah-Jones.

Read Hannah-Jones, watch short videos of Hannah Jones
Homework for 10/13: map out main claims in Hannah Jones, evidence, discuss two strategies.

Analyzing Hannah-Jones continued. Drafting introduction and body paragraphs.  

Homework for 10/15: post ananlysis to Discussion board


Week 9 Tu 10/20          





Th 10/22  

Analyzing Landrieu.
Discuss Landrieu’s main claims; consider points of connection and contrast between Landrieu and Hanna Jones.

Homework for 10/20: map out main claims in Landrieu, evidence, discuss two strategies. 


Drafting. Examine sections of sample strategies papers.  
Complete proposal, draft introduction, and two body paragraphs. Chart sample papers.

Homework for 10/22

Week 10 Tu 10/27


Th 10/29  

Paper 2 draft due Drafting and peer review workshops

Homework for 10/27

Conferences with instructor. Revision plan due morning of Friday 10/30.

Homework for 10/29

Week 11
Tu 11/03  


Th 11/05  

Paper 2 due. Brief reflection paper due     

Homework for 11/03


Unit 3: Entering the Conversation. We have recently experienced multiple crises, and many calls for change.  What changes are needed? How should we understand the crises around us?

Choosing a topic to research: a) the pandemic, b) police reform, c) race and racial justice, d) persuasive strategies in election advertisements, e) confederate statues, f) select
your own topic (in consultation with instructor).

Read: sampler pack of short texts on topics for final paper. Read They Say “I Take Your Point,” and “So What? Who Cares?”

Homework for 11/05:  Describe a problem, issue, question or text that interests you. Explain why you think it is important, and why it matters to you.  What are some positions you can imagine people taking on this problem, issue or question?

Week 12 Tu 11/10          






Th 11/12  

Researching your issue, constructing the conversation, finding sources.
Is there a position or text you would like to extend, illustrate, challenge, or complicate?  
Read: RWEA 55-56; They Say, “Yes/No/Okay, But,” and “And Yet.”

Homework for 11/10: describe the problem/issue, summarize two (or more) sources that take contrasting positions, describe your position and how it relates to theirs.


Building your argument, imagining your audience, dealing with opposing views, qualifying your claims.

Read: They Say, “Skeptics May Object”
Homework for 11/12:  compose a preliminary draft, and respond to the drafts of two peers (play the “doubting/believing” game).

Week 13
M 11/17



Th 11/19  

Paper 3 draft due
Peer review workshop.
Homework for 11/17

Conferences with instructor
Homework for 11/19


Week 14 Tu 11/24 Th 11/26

Thanksgiving break.

Week 15 Tu 12/01




Th 12/03  

Reflection and revision plan due
Workshopping final paper and group presentations

Homework for 12/01


Workshopping final paper and group presentations

Homework for 12/03


Week 16 Tu 12/08


Th 12/10

Group presentations


Group presentations
Final Paper 3 due


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