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Short texts to introduce Rhetorical Analysis

The RWS textbook uses many of the short texts in this collection, and the syllabus and homework described below also uses these
same texts. We have a bigger collection of short texts on a range of topics that are often used to introduce rhetorical concepts
and argument analysis. There are teaching materials for many of those texts. 

If you wish to use some short texts that address racial (in)justice, and aspects of the current moment, we could also consider 
using some of the texts below. 


Unit 1 and Stevenson's "We Need to Talk about an Injustice"

  • Bryan Stevenson’s TED talk “We Need to Talk about an Injustice” (transcriptvideo). This speech gets at some of the issues
    related to our current crises, but is hopeful and rhetorically interesting. There is a 
    one page text by Stevenson that  covers
    similar ground,
     that could be used to introduce Stevenson’s TED talk, and to discuss how Stevenson modulates his
    argument for a different audience.


Unit 2: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Landrieu


Unit 3

  • Students will choose from a range of texts they select that relate to one of the conversations we have explored earlier in the class. 


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